Chemical Peels Chemical Peels (Chemoexfoliation):

A chemical peel is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin to rejuvenate it and give you back the much desired glow and look. In chemical peel a medically prepared chemical solution is used over the skin that makes the dead skin to first slough off and then completely peels them off the skin.

We use chemical peels to enhance the glow of your skin which may have fallen victim of various elements present in the atmosphere and would have resulted in large number of dead cells being deposited our the skin. Chemical peel is a completely safe and painless procedure that instantly gives the glow to the skin and restores its luster.

With age patients often experiences blemishes or fine line appearing over the skin of their face and hands. These sun induced problems can be rectified with a chemical peel specifically designed to rejuvenate those areas.

Am I a candidate for peeling?

Yes, if you have any of the following problems - acne (post-acne hyperpigmentation, superficial scarring following acne, acne excoriate, comedolytic acne), dyschromias (melasma, fixed drug eruption, melanosis, freckles, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), dilated pores, fine wrinkling, sun damaged and aging skin, superficial scars.

Is peeling safe?

Yes, provided done in expert hands with reasonable precautions. Contraindications include active infection (herpes labialis/bacterial), open cuts, unrealistic expectations.

Planning your peeling

Priming: Preparing the skin for a peel is an important concept as it helps to achieve better results. This can be achieved by use of certain topical drugs at least two weeks prior to the planned day of peel.

Is peeling painful?

Peeling is a relatively painless office procedure and has been shown to yield excellent cosmetic results in properly selected cases of hypermelanosis, hyperpigmentation and photoaging.

What to do after peeling procedure?

Avoid sunlight. Use sunscreen/ umbrella when outdoors. At least sun protection is required for six weeks post procedure completion.

What duration will the effect of peel last? Depends on the skin type. Generally the effects last for three to five years. Maintenance regimens can give everlasting results.